sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Life is like a sidewalk (A vida é como uma caçada)

  Life is like a sidewalk*

Life is like a sidewalk: 
some are well-paved; but some have cracks, 
holes, and cigarrette butts, pieces of papers, 
emptied soda or beer cans, dog poop, garbage,
and people who stop and talk 
to some person right in the middle, 
and cars improperly parked, 
blocking the passage of the pedestrians 
or impairing the view of the beauty around
the path you are coming through.

*Text partially adapted from one of Max's lines on "Mary and Max", an animation by Adam Elliot. This text also reflects my own vision of life and my concerns about sidewalks here in Salvador City, Bahia - Brazil.

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