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Most Serene (Sereníssima - Legião Urbana)

videoclip criado por internauta e publicado no Youtube.

Most Serene
(Dado Villa-Lobos / Renato Russo / Marcelo Bonfá)
V. Legião Urbana. 1991. EMI-Odeon.
Tradução: HAM

I am a sentimental animal
I cling to that easily arouses my desire
Try to make me do what I do not want
And you’ll soon see what happens

I think I understand what you meant to say
But there are other things
I obtained my balance courting insanity
Everything else is lost but there are possibilities

We had the idea, but you changed the plans
We had a plan, you changed your mind
It’s gone, it’s gone – maybe another day

I dreamed some time ago, now I can’t even get to sleep
When was the first time we competed?
What nobody notices is what everyone knows
I don’t know about terrorism, we spoke of friendship

I am no more interested in what I feel
I don’t believe in anything except doubt
You wait for answers I don’t have but
I won’t fight for it

I even think twice if you want to stay.

My unseasoned orange tree, why are you so silvered?
Was it the moon this night, or the dew of the dawn
I have a silly grin, like hiccup

As chaos moves on
With all the calm of the world.

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