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Overview upon "Equilibrium"


The movie Equilibrium (2002), directed by Kurt Wimmer, portraits the darkness behind the “good intentions”, values and morality’s manipulation and deturpation of a minority who holds the power, dictating rules on how to behave and think, inhibiting others from expressing their free thoughts, according to their ideas, represented for the Tetragramatron. Ironically, the name refers to the four letters which form God’s Hebrew name, YHWH. Besides, the New Order flag is similar to the Nazi one. The allusion to a State based on dogmatical principles is not just a coincidence. It does exist some criticism to a confessional State which promotes a “good intention” policy, disseminating dubious ideas and principles.

It is not fiction. Turning to our reality, it is possible to see that freedom and democracy we think we’re living are no more than illusion, a subtle form of controlling, of oppression forged to keep things the way they have always been: all for a few and nothing for the most. We’ve got our daily dose of “Prozium” as well, but we’re not the ones who apply them. Politicians and opinion formers do that for us, by using a powerful instrument nowadays, television - the altar we bend and worship before it. Through the media, the means of mass communication, we consume all sort of information without questioning. We seem not show any (re)action before the state of things around us (misery, violence, famine) as a result of a breaking and curropted State with a defective apparatus.

Remember: Like it would happen in the Medieval times, thinking is harmful to the system. Do not read because you will probably have ideas ans that's very dangerous. You may dream and change things. The difference is that today "they" do not burn us alive nor hang us, do not lock us in cold and rat-populated dungeons. The prision is invisible to the naked eye, it is for our minds.

We are led to believe we have rights, mas the truth is we have no rights. Look around. Listen up and think about it. Why do you think education is bad? What does it happen everytime people raise up against the powerful, the oppressors? Do you think police is out there to defend us or protect the State? Why isn't there enough investments in education and healthcare, easy acess to culural events, such as cinema, theater? Why are books so expensive after all?

Watch this video. It's one of my favorites. It's good, intelligent, it is catchy. And it also has a good breathtaking fighting choreography with that Gun Kata stuff, created by the director himself who plus played as cameo at the openning scene (the man in the shadows performing the Gun Kata. That's my suggestion for now.

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