segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Don't Leave Me (by GREEN DAY)

Don't Leave Me
(Green Day)

I'll go for miles
Till I find you
You say you want to leave me
But you can't choose
I've gone thru pain
Every day and night
I feel my mind is going insane
Something I can't fight

Don't leave me

A blank expression
Covering your face
I'm looking for directions
For out of this place
I start to wonder
If you'll come back
I feel the rain storming after thunder
I can't hold back

DON'T LEAVE ME song meaning:
"In this song the narrator vividly describes his utter despair aroused by the news that someone he deeply cares about is going to leave him. He can't believe how unfair the situation is - he would do anything and go anywhere just to be with this person...but they leave him. It's driving him insane - after everything he's gone through to be with this person, they leave him. And he's trying really hard to understand the reasons, accept what's about to happen and not be selfish, but he can't hold back the pain of his misery and so he screams "Don't leave me!" He's trying to understand what this person feels about leaving him like this, and whether they feel anything at all. He realizes they might never come back. He can't fight his pain and confusion - how could this happen? Life is not fair."

2 comentários:

  1. eu vou chorar...

  2. I'll go for miles
    Till I find you
    You say you want to leave me

    por isso eu quis chorar...


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